Adjunct Faculty

Part of the strength of the UBC School of Information is the wide range of professional and institutional ties it has established throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond. The School works with some of the most experienced and innovative working information professionals available.

Unless otherwise noted, all adjunct faculty use Room 489 at the school as their office. Their common telephone number is 604-822-0051.


Jessica Bushey
ARST 540 Archival Public Services

Jorge Cardenas Garcia
LIBR 579J Community-led Libraries

Samuel Dodson
LIBR 557 Information Retrieval Concepts and Practices

Tara Fraser
LIBR 587 / ARST 587 Preservation

Elissa How
ARST 580 Records, Archives, and the Law

Fiona Hunt
LIBR 535 Instructional Role of the Librarian

Michelle Kaczmarek
LIBR 561 Information Policy

Maryann Kempthorne
LIBR 511 Cataloguing and Classification

Peggy Lunn
LIBR 504 /ARST 570 Management of Information Organizations

Debbie Millward
LIBR 504 /ARST 570 Management of Information Organizations

Amy Perreault
FNCC Coordinator

Carolyn Petrie
LIBR 533 Legal Information Sources and Services

Debbie Schachter
LIBR 504 /ARST 570 Management of Information Organizations

Rebecka Sheffield
ARST 591 Archival Research and Scholarship

Trevor Smith
LIBR 574 Project Management in Information Organizations

Jill Teasley
ARST 500 Information Technology and Archives




Longtime adjuncts

Kathryn Shoemaker MA, PhD
LIBR 525 Illustrated Literature and Other Materials for Children
LIBR 524 Writing, Publishing and the Book Trade for Children

Adam Farrell MLIS, MAS
LIBR 575 Academic Libraries
LIBR 504 Management of Information Organizations