Thesis Collection

Our graduate students produce scholarship in diverse topics — ranging from librarianship to archives to children’s literature.

Our students are actively present at conferences and have been published in a variety of journals.

Graduate student theses

PAYNE, Nathaniel. An intelligent class: the development of a novel context capturing method for the functional auto-classification of records. (2024)

TRIPONEZ, Tristan. The archival preservation of independent music production: a constructivist grounded theory study. (2024)

KACZMAREK, Michelle. Fixing for change: Information practice and stories of aspiration in community-based repair initiatives (2023)

SHANKAR, Saguna. Caring for newcomer communities and their data: An inquiry into interdependence in information practices (2023)

TULLOCH, Bonnie. Do the ends justify the memes? : exploring the relationship between youth, internet memes, and digital citizenship (2023)

FIGUEIREDO, Vanessa. Unpacking homework: Brazilian school children's information interaction ecologies (2022)

COLE, Amelia. Understanding Self-Efficacy in Search as Self-Determined Learning (2022)

EVANS, Lois. Leveraging Information Governance and Digital Technologies for Climate Action: An Inquiry into Records Retention and Disposition in Canadian Organizations (2022)

DODSON, Samuel. Becoming Engineers: How Students Leverage Relationships between Documents and Learning Activities (2021)

MABI, Millicent. Viewing immigrant labour integration through an intersectional lens: Information and identity in the settlement of African immigrants to Metro Vancouver, British Columbia (2020)

HOFMAN, Darra. ‘Between Knowing and Not Knowing’: Privacy, Transparency, and Digital Records (2020)

JANSEN, Adam. Technological Features of Preservation Systems that Support the Authenticity of Digital Records (2019)

SHAFFER, Elizabeth. Social Media in the Canadian Government: An exploratory study of emerging practice (2019)

PAN, Weimei. Managing records as evidence and information in China in the context of cloud-based services (2019)

GILBERT, Sarah Ann. Motivations for participating in online initiatives: exploring motivations across initiative types (2018)

ADDISON, Colleen. The issue of avoidance: information avoidance in the context of personal health concerns (2017)

GOH, Elaine. Archival law from the trenches: the impact of archival legislation on records management in commonwealth countries (2016)

BUSHEY, Jessica. The archival trustworthiness of digital photographs in social media platforms (2016)

ROGERS, Corinne. Virtual authenticity: authenticity of digital records from theory to practice (2015)

BLACK, Nancy. The information seeking experiences of the post-secondary distance/online student (2014)

MARKWEI, Evelyn. Everyday life information seeking behaviour of urban homeless youth (2013)

FORCE, Donald. Pursuing the “usual and ordinary course of business”: an exploratory study of the role of recordkeeping standards in the use of records as evidence in Canada (2013)

MCKENDRY, Jean. Reading the landscape of public libraries as place: experiences of homeless men in public libraries in Vancouver, BC (2013)

XIE, Li (Sherry). The nature of record and the information management crisis in the Government of Canada: a grounded theory study (2013)

AL-HAJI, Talal. Exploring the relationship between research in Information Retrieval and Information Seeking Behavior (2012)

ZHANG, Lei. A study of functional units for information use of scholarly journal articles (2011)

CHIANG, Chia-Ning. A multi-dimensional approach to the study of online annotation (2010)

ALZAHRANI, Saad. The role of editorial boards of scholarly journals on the green and the gold road to open access (2010)

PARK, Hee Jin. Understanding a folksonomy as a web classification (2009)

GIVENS, Cherie. An exploration of pre-censorship of children’s books: perceptions and experiences of Canadian authors and illustrators (2009)

FOSCARINI, Fiorella. Function-based records classification systems: an exploratory study of records management practices (2009)

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