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How to support UBC iSchool Students during COVID-19

We are all feeling the impact of COVID-19, including UBC iSchool students. Every day brings new uncertainties and challenges as our students try to cope with this crisis in both their academic and personal lives. Like many others, they are now facing situations such as loss of part-time jobs, resource sourcing to accommodate online learning, and unplanned trips home. They are the next generation of leaders who will create lasting and meaningful change and tackle the challenges that affect us all. Supporting these promising students has never been more urgent nor the need for support so great.

Your donation makes a difference in our students’ lives.

As UBC works to assist as many students as possible, we ask you to consider making a donation through the SLAIS General Scholarship and Bursary Fund to support iSchool Students through these difficult times. Your contributions will be distributed directly to students in the form of an emergency relief fund to support essential needs