Guide your studies in a particular area or field in one of our five areas of focus.

Our areas of focus are pathways that serve as a guide to focus your studies in a particular area. Our pathways are a selection of courses based on areas of interest intended to guide your course selection; they are not formal specializations, except for the First Nations Curriculum Concentration.

The courses we outline within each pathway are not exhaustive, and we encourage you to meet with your assigned faculty advisors with questions about course offerings.

We have developed three pathways for students in the MLIS degree program: Data Services, Information Interaction and Design, and Community and Culture. The First Nations Curriculum Concentration is open to students in the MAS, MLIS or Dual programs.

First Nations Curriculum Concentration

One of the only two graduate specializations in North America that enables you to focus on Indigenous information initiatives and systems, including language preservation, digitization, research and governance.
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Contribute to scaling Canada’s Blockchain industry while also engaging in some of the world’s most complex socio-technical issues.
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Data Services

Develop the competencies necessary to provide data-related services, draw conclusions from data or make decisions.
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Information Interaction and Design

Develop knowledge and skills related to how humans search for and interact with information and media and design social and technological systems to support those interactions.
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Community and Culture

Develop the knowledge and skills related to collecting and stewardship of cultural materials.
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