Faculty & Staff Careers

Explore our current job openings for faculty and staff positions at the University of British Columbia’s School of Information in Vancouver, Canada.

As an iSchool with an Arts perspective, we are known for our exceptional student experiences, outcomes, and engagement with our extended community of industry partners. This community makes the iSchool a vibrant, multi-disciplinary, collaborative hub for learning.

The UBC School of Information is built upon the strength of its faculty, who have been recognized internationally for their contributions to library, archival and information studies. The iSchool also boasts an impressive group of adjunct faculty members, who bring their specialized knowledge and skillsets to the iSchool to support students in their diverse interests and academic pursuits. In addition, we have several award-winning authors and illustrators among our adjunct faculty and specialists in their field. Finally, the school has a dedicated team of staff members committed to supporting students on their iSchool journey.

Current openings

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