Research Spaces

Our research spaces at the UBC School of Information include a mix of the kinetic and the serene, replete with supports to make your educational and research experiences fulfilling and invigorating.

Whether collaborating with colleagues in our state-of-the-art information technology labs, tackling a project in our interactive research lab, or catching up on readings in our student lounge overlooking the UBC courtyard, clock tower and impressive Koerner Library, the School of Information space is reflective of the school’s commitment to working at the intersection of people, information, and technology.

In addition to the computers provided in the research spaces, students have access to laptops for short-term loans at the UBC iSchool and other technology tools such as a SMARTboard, projectors, cameras, AV equipment, speakers and tripods.

A 315-square foot (29 square metres) research studio with modern audio-visual equipment, a projector, video conference capability and research computers with eye-tracking software.

This space can be used for website usability studies, focus groups or research.

The Kitimat Lab has eight PCs, two Mac computers, a printer, scanning equipment with OCR and a bookable pod for working on group projects.

This student lab space is loaded with software required for various courses and is accessible via a student card.

The Pod Room within Kitimat has a TV screen and whiteboard, and you can book it for student group meetings, mock presentations and research.

The Pod Room is a bookable group meeting room within the Kitimat Lab.

The room features a wall-mounted monitor with HDMI cables, which students can use to share screens in meetings. You can book the Pod Room in advance via the online booking portal.

The Terrace Lab is open to UBC iSchool students when not reserved for classes or events.

The lab schedule has 23 PC laptops that students can borrow using their student ID for in-class use only.

All laptops must be returned by the end of the class period.

Doctoral students have access to this exclusive lab space, specifically created for them to work and research in the school.

This space features 15 workstations, a printer, a meeting area, a student lounge and a coffee maker.

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