Tess Prendergast

I am a Lecturer at UBC iSchool, where I teach courses in the area of librarianship and children’s literature. Prior to joining the iSchool in 2019, I worked as a children’s librarian in a large urban public library for over two decades, where my work focused on early literacy support for diverse families, a majority of whom were newcomers to Canada. My doctoral research was a qualitative multiple-case study that explored the inclusion of children with disabilities in early learning opportunities in their homes and communities. I approach the study of people and libraries through a bioecological systems perspective and draw on other sociocultural theories to help frame the understanding of the social interactions that take place within libraries and other community spaces. Building on my doctoral study, I have a particular interest in exploring the ways in which children’s library workers are prepared to develop and deliver inclusive services and programs in diverse communities. Thus, I am currently collaborating on several projects that will culminate in open access materials intended to meet some of the information needs of those working with children and families in library settings.

Within children’s literature, I am mainly interested in picture books for young children. Having served on the Randolph Caldecott Award Committee (2016) and the Theodor Seuss Geisel Committee (2022-2023), I have a wealth of knowledge about the affordances of the picture book as a tool for supporting early learning as well how picture books can be evaluated as barometers of macro-cultural values. Firstly, I advocate for the critical examination of children’s literature through an anti-bias lens, with a particular focus on exploring ableism within texts written for young people of all abilities. Additionally, I have a strong interest in Indigenous children’s literature from colonized nations around the world, and I have been examining the ways that contemporary Indigenous children are represented in picture books. Finally, I am curious about the various ways that the child refugee experience is portrayed in children’s books from various perspectives, voices, and locations around the globe.

  • librarianship and children’s literature
  • children’s library services in diverse communities
  • the role of children’s librarians in the lives of children and families
  • portrayal of children with disabilities in literature
  • portrayal of contemporary Indigenous children’s lives and children’s refugee & immigrant experiences in literature

Selected Publications

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Selected Conference Presentations

Klipper, B., Michalatos, S., Niemchak, E. Prendergast, T., & Taggart, J. (June 23, 2019) Not a kid anymore: How and why to serve adults with disabilities in the adult department. Program presented at American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

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Prendergast, T. (January 7, 2016). Children’s librarians in the lives of children with disabilities: A Bioecological Perspective. Poster presented at Association of Library and Information Studies Educators, Boston MA.

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Prendergast, T. (May 13, 2014) Triumphant children: An exploration of Sendak’s theme of childhood resilience. Paper presented at I will be myself: Graduate Student Children’s Literature Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

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