Victoria Lemieux

I am a Professor of Archival Science at the School of Information and lead of the Blockchain research cluster, Blockchain@UBC at the University of British Columbia – Canada’s largest and most diverse research cluster devoted to blockchain technology. My current research is focused on risk to the availability of trustworthy records, in particular in blockchain record-keeping systems, and how these risks impact upon transparency, financial stability, public accountability and human rights. I have organized three summer institutes for Blockchain@UBC to provide training in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for undergraduate and graduate students from across UBC and this year am exciting to be launching Canada’s first research-oriented graduate blockchain training program. More information about how to apply to this program

I hold a doctorate from University College London (Archival Studies, 2002), and have been a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) since 2005. I have received many awards for my professional work and research, including the 2015 Emmett Leahy Award for outstanding contributions to the field of records management, a 2015 World Bank Big Data Innovation Award, and a 2016 Emerald Literati Award for my research on blockchain technology.

I am also a faculty member at multiple units within UBC, including the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Sauder School of Business, and the Institute for Computers, Information and Cognitive Systems. I am currently accepting doctoral students whose interests lie in Computational Archival Science and/or in blockchain technology and records/archives.

  • Blockchain technology
  • Trustworthy records
  • Records and information management
  • Risk management
  • information visualization and visual analytics
  • Transparency and the public interest (in public sector and financial contexts
  • International development

Books (authored, edited, chapters)

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Refereed publications

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Current Courses

Dr. Lemieux is currently on sabbatical leave until September 1, 2023.