Luciana Duranti

I am a Professor at the iSchool where I teach courses on diplomatics, records appraisal for selection and acquisition, preservation of digital records and advanced archival theory. My research aims to find solutions to digital record issues that can be universally applied. I analyze the historical development and inner meaning of the concepts used in my research in order to understand the way in which new concepts, principles, ideas and methods resulting from such research relate to existing ones.

Since 1998, I have been the Director of InterPARES (International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems), a multi-national and multi-disciplinary research project studying the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records. I have been the lead investigator for a number of SSHRC-funded research projects, such as Records in the Clouds and Digital Records Forensics, all accessible from the Center for the International Study of Contemporary Records and Archives (CISCRA). I have published extensively in the areas of archival diplomatics and archival theory, and present at conferences around the globe. I serve on the Association of Canadian Archivists (President 2017-2018) and co-chair the Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives, and have helped develop educational guidelines for the education of Canadian archivists.

  • Archival diplomatics
  • Records appraisal and selection
  • Digital Records
  • Digital Preservation
  • Advanced archival theory
  • Records management

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Current Courses

Winter 2021

ARST520 Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents Sections

  • Luciana Duranti awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Mid-Sweden University – [link]