Estelle Frank



Current Program
Master of Library and Information Studies

Bachelor Degree
Bachelor of Music, McGill University
Major in French Horn Performance

Estelle Frank


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What was your initial motivation for joining the FNCC?

I was interested in joining the FNCC because I wanted to start filling some gaps in knowledge about Indigenous histories, cultures, and initiatives in Canada. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do with this specialization after graduating, and I still don’t, but I knew I generally wanted to develop a better awareness about how I might be able to use my future career in libraries to support and centre Indigenous initiatives.

Regarding research, what question would you like to find an answer to?

There are lots of questions I am still trying to figure out. One question I’m interested in exploring is how libraries can be better about supporting non-textual forms of information and play a role in supporting language revitalization. I’m hoping to take a course on this with the First Nations and Endangered Languages program in an upcoming semester.


What questions interest you when it comes to decolonizing libraries/archives?

I’m also interested in subject access work and how libraries go about adapting or even defying standards in order to better and more respectfully represent the communities that their materials serve.


What is your area of focus/interest while studying in the FNCC?

Decolonization of libraries.