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Medicine at Monte Cassino

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Erik Kwakkel, The European Book in the Twelfth Century

Erik Kwakkel and Francis Newton

Erik Kwakkel

Mike Hazas, Lisa Nathan

Erik Kwakkel, Rodney Thomson


Heather O’Brien and Paul Cairns

Victoria L. Lemieux

Victoria Lemieux

Victoria L. Lemieux and Stephanie E. Trapnell


Encyclopedia of archival writers


Lynn Coleman, Victoria L. Lemieux, Rod Stone, and Geoffrey Yeo

Luciana Duranti and Patricia C. Franks.

Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers

Luciana Duranti and Randy Preston


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Luciana Duranti and Patricia C. Franks.

Lalmas, Mounia with Heather O’Brien and Elad Yom-Tov

Caroline Haythornthwaite, Richard Andrews, Jude Fransman, Eric M. Meyers