LIBR/ARST 596 – Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations Language Program

Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations Language Program


This is a remote position for the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations Language Technology Program, located at
8600 Granville Street
Port Hardy, British Columbia V0N2P0
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Supervising Librarian/Archivist
Name: Daisy Rosenblum

Purpose of the project:
The Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations Language Technology Program is currently in the process of creating a digital repository to house language and culture material using CollectiveAccess, developed by Whirl-i-gig. This desired content management system will assist language teachers, learners, and community members in accessing content for curriculum creation, support students in having culturally-appropriate learning experiences, and be a prototype for community preservation practices. The student will contribute information design recommendations and strategies, working directly with the GNN team and Whirl-i-gig developers. With a focus on information representation and design, the resulting research will contribute to a requirements document for the developer and the student’s recommendations will inform decisions for the final design of the system.

Summary of activities required to carry out the project:

  • Create an information design strategy
  • Assist in creating a requirements document for CMS development
  • Contribute to systems engagement plans (information behaviour, materials and services)
  • Contribute to system conceptual planning (knowledge representation and organization; information design)
  • Participate in CMS team meetings

Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student:

The host will provide the opportunity for in-depth experience in working with Indigenous communities and considerations in language revitalization, Indigenous data sovereignty and information design. Students will have the opportunity to apply conceptual research to practice.

The team requires support with expertise in the areas outlined in the purpose. The student will be empowered to contribute knowledge, expertise and opinions to the team. They will be encouraged to seek and share their own research throughout the process, which will be taken under advisement and consideration for use by the community in their future decision-making regarding the system and community digital repository development.

Time periods in which the project could be supervised:

  • Winter Term 2 (January – April)

Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?
April 30, 2024 (flexible).

Considering the project requirements, please suggest suitable coursework as pre-requisite or co-requisite:

Completion of the LIBR or ARST core courses.


  • LIBR 555 Information Design I: Systems
  • LIBR 514L/ARST 556L Metadata
  • LIBR 587/ARST 587 Preservation
  • LIBR 564/ARST 585 Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.