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Supervising Librarian/Archivist
Name: Jill Teasley

Purpose of the project:

As an organisation with a 30 year history, we have a substantial archive in need of an inquisitive and capable archivist who has successfully completed the Core Courses in the Master of Archival Studies program. If you have particular interest in conservation, wild birds, habitat restoration, and/or local Indigenous sovereignty, reconciliation and redress efforts, this will add to the experience.

The Archives Intern will assist with establishing intellectual and physical control of WBT’s inactive hardcopy records, helping WBT to sustain its operations and contributing to WBT’s culture of valuing and sharing knowledge from a decolonizing perspective.

Summary of activities required to carry out the project:

Under the guidance of the WBT Board Clerk and an experienced archivist volunteering for WBT, the Intern will:

  • Inventory WBT’s 30 years of hardcopy operational records;
  • Flag records of potential long-term value to the organisation and the communities it serves, then review these with the Board Clerk;
  • Identify records due for disposition per WBT’s new retention schedule, then follow WBT’s process to prepare those records for disposition;
  • Time permitting, develop a strategy for ongoing storage, preservation, and access for WBT’s long-term records.

Expectations of the end result of the project, for both host and student:

The student:

  • Student has practiced core archives and records management skills and can speak to some of the nuances of applying these skills in a not-for-profit organizational setting;
  • Student has built relationships with WBT staff, volunteers, and potentially Board members;
  • Student has contributed to the WBT’s culture of knowledge valuing and sharing from a decolonizing perspective.

The host:

  • WBT has an inventory of its hardcopy records and is ready to dispose those it no longer needs to keep;
  • WBT has started applying its retention schedule and disposition process to managing its inactive historical records.

Time periods in which the project could be supervised:

  • Winter Term 2 (January to April)

Is there a deadline by which the project must be completed?

Ideally by the end of April 2023.

Pre-requesite or co-requisite iSchool courses:

  • ARST 515 Arrangement and Description of Archives
  • ARST 516 Management of Current Records
  • ARST 520 Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents
  • ARST 540 Archival Public Services (not required, but preferred)