Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records

This book addresses theoretical and practical issues relating to the reliability and authenticity of records created in the electronic environment by organizations of all kinds. It explores both the conceptual and practical problems of design of record-keeping systems that will allow organizations to maintain reliable and authentic electronic records. It analyzes the elements of electronic records using diplomatic analysis, thoroughly explains the concepts of reliability and authenticity as applied to records, and provides a careful exposition of the methods for creating and maintaining reliable and authentic electronic records. The research for this book was conducted in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense and influenced its standards for electronic record-keeping, which have been widely adopted by software manufacturers. Audience: This book is aimed at anyone involved in creation, maintenance, and preservation of electronic records, such as records managers, information systems managers, archivists. It will also serve as a basic text for students of records management and archives in post-secondary educational institutions.