LIBR 594 (3) Directed Study

MLIS and Dual MAS/MLIS: completion of MLIS core.
MAS: students should take ARST 594

OVERVIEW: LIBR 594 provides an opportunity for you to pursue, under faculty guidance, individualized studies not encompassed within an existing course. If your adviser feels a regularly offered course impinges on your proposed study, you must take it as a pre- or co-requisite. You are expected to spend as much time on this as on any other course.

It is up to you to initiate a proposal following these steps:

  1. Discuss the proposed area of study initially with the faculty member(s) whose interests are the closest to the topic and with your adviser; as a result, a supervisor for the study will be agreed among you
  2. Agree with the supervisor on
    • The focus and scope of the study
    • The readings and other activities required
    • A schedule of meeting times with the supervisor, and
    • The nature, format, and completion date of all written report(s) of your study
  3. Prepare a statement of the proposal in as much detail as you can before beginning it; submit this to your advisor and the supervisor (the form is available here)

When all involved are in agreement, the proposal form will be signed by those involved. Any significant change subsequently suggested by any party must be formally approved in the same way as the original proposal.

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