ARST 565 (3) Administering Records Under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation [cross-listed with LIBR 514J]

Previously: ARST 575B (3) Administering Freedom of Information and and Protection of Privacy Legislations; cross-listed with LIBR 514J


MAS and Dual Students: completion of the MAS core courses

MLIS students: completion of the MLIS core courses, plus permission of the iSchool Graduate Advisor

GOAL: To prepare you to administer access to records subject to Canadian freedom of information and privacy legislation


  • To examine the principles and standards of information access and privacy rights.
  • To study the methods by which organizations manage access to information and protect personal privacy.
  • To understand the implications and challenges of access and privacy codes for public and private sector administration.
  • To identify the opportunities provided by access and privacy law to improve the quality and management of record and information systems.


  • Evolution of access and privacy codes within the public and private sectors.
  • Models for managing access and privacy administration.
  • Developing policies, procedures, guidelines, and reference and assessment tools to manage key corporate access and privacy issues.
  • Designing processes to locate, review, document, sever, and prepare records for disclosure and to make access decisions.
  • Managing requests for review of access decisions and privacy complaints through mediation and inquiry by the Commissioner’s Office.
  • Impact of technology on the provision of access and privacy services.
  • Impetus from FOI and privacy to improve how records are created and the management of record-keeping systems.
  • Promoting awareness and orientation of access and privacy rights and responsibilities.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s information access and privacy program.
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