Alumni Survey

Graduates of the professional programs at UBC iSchool (Master of Archival Studies, Master of Library and Information Studies, and Dual Master of Archival Studies/Master of Library and Information Studies) find work in various locations institutions. Position titles have varied from Knowledge Manager to Digital Asset Coordinator to Faculty Liaison Librarian to Senior Archivist. They work in all levels of government, academic institutions, both the private and the public sector, in non-profit organizations and corporations.

In order to better understand the trends and challenges for our graduates in obtaining employment as professionals, UBC iSchool conducts an annual survey of graduates from its three professional programs (MAS, MLIS, and MAS/MLIS). This allows us to identify trends in employment, as well as benefit from the views of our graduates a year later.


Key findings from 2021 results

  • 94.87% of graduates are currently employed.
  • 92% of these graduates are employed in a position related to their iSchool degree.
  • 87% were employed within six months of graduation*
  • 56% completed co-op work placements as part of their studies
* This number goes to 73.5% when looking at the combined data from 2016-2020.


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About the report

Graduates are surveyed approximately one year after graduation, and each cohort is surveyed only once. The most recent survey was conducted in late 2019. MAS, MLIS, Dual MAS/MLIS and MACL graduates whose degrees were conferred between September 2019 and May 2020 were surveyed. The survey is confidential, and some data and responses may be edited to ensure confidentiality.

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