Winners Announced for the 2024 iSchool Bookmark Design Contest

The UBC School of Information may be full of burgeoning library, archives, and information studies students, but it is also home to a creative and artistic student population. Earlier this year, the UBC School of Information hosted a bookmark design contest to showcase the talent of our students on our official school swag.

We’re excited to announce that the bookmark finalists have now had their designs printed! To celebrate, we have asked the artists some questions to get to know them and their designs better.

Danielle Osakwe, MLIS 2025

Artist’s statement: I chose this design to represent the relationship between different information formats (physical and digital) as well as to show how this relationship has evolved over time (1970’s/1980’s computer to a 1990’s/2000’s computer to a modern-day laptop). I designed it using Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

Favourite class you’ve taken at the iSchool: LIBR 587 Preservation.

Fun fact: I can play two instruments, the piano and the euphonium.

Drawing of three people on computers and working with records. The drawing features red, blue, and yellow with bold black lines. Blue and yellow banners with line drawings in black of computers and books. Design by Danielle Osakwe.

















Lily Liu, MASLIS


Artist’s statement: The iris is a flower that symbolizes knowledge. The different nodes (different fields, disciplines, and the information they contribute) are the “roots” that lead to the iris flower blooming at the top. I sketched the iris by hand and used graphic art for the rest of the elements.

Favourite class you’ve taken at the iSchool: I really enjoyed ARST 591 Archival Research and Scholarship. It was very interesting seeing the assorted topics everyone in the class wanted to develop for their research designs, and the designing process has helped me flesh out my own areas of interest in archival studies as well.

Fun fact: I like the aesthetics of cartoon frogs but prefer toads in reality.

Graphite drawing of iris in purple, with UBC School of Information's contact information. Website is, and social media handle for facebook, youtube, X, and Instagram is @ubcischool

Drawing of a black and white iris on top of two overlapping diamonds, with digital pathways in green, purple, and orange as the iris' roots. Background is a sand-brown colour.

















Nobu Kawaguchi, MLIS 2024


Artist’s statement: I selected images representing various eras, cultures, languages, and peoples. At the iSchool, students from diverse backgrounds come together, and I wanted to reflect this rich diversity in my design.

Favourite thing about the iSchool: I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities to gain work experience through the iSchool (e.g. GAA, Professional Experience). These experiences provided me with the chance to explore various types of libraries and positions, as well as to meet many wonderful people.

Fun fact: I’ve kept up with my personal blog for over 15 years now. It’s been an invaluable tool for self-reflection and growth (I believe!).

various archival images from the library of congress, featuring humpty dumpty, a painting of japanese cranes, a chinese painting of mountains, people sitting together and reading, and an Indigenous person. UBC School of Information's website is The social media handle for facebook, instagram, and X is @ubcischool. The design features a quote in black, italic font: "to enhance humanity's capacity to engage information in effective, creative and diverse ways." Design by Nobu Kawaguchi in the MLIS program.