The 2020 (Re)Collection

The 2020 (Re)Collection Project is the result of 14 student projects at the School of Information for the course Theory and Practice of Oral History. Each year, this course asks students to plan and create an oral history exhibit. This year’s theme documents the experiences of different individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020’s global impact completely changed our daily lives and perspectives. Our reality shifted unexpectedly, and we all had to adapt to lockdowns, online social and learning environments and the so-called new normality. This project attempts to document the pandemic through oral history. The project focuses on five different categories:

Some of the individuals interviewed were friends and colleagues, and some were strangers. But they all had important, funny, sometimes sad stories to share. They shed light on the small yet poignant ways our lives have changed over the past year.

To learn more about this project, visit the 2020 (Re)Collection Project website.