Participate in a Search Pilot Study at the iSchool

iSchool professor Dr. Heather O’Brien and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Kathy Brennan are looking for participants for a search pilot study.

Students with basic web searching experience who are over the age of 19 are encouraged to participate.

“We are interested in how people’s knowledge of and interest in a topic affects how they search for information in a digital library. Participants will be asked to answer some questions about their search experience and level of topic knowledge and interest; conduct three different searches using the same digital library; and respond to some questions about their search experience and what they learned about the topic while searching.”

The pilot will run Tuesday through Friday (November 13 to 16), and take no more than 75 minutes of time.

Participation is voluntary and confidential. There is a small monetary compensation for those who take part.

To schedule an appointment or for questions, contact