Archival Studies and Oral History

How do oral histories preserve connections between past and present-day students?

Two women (Marina de Souza and Tara Fraser) smile and talk at a table. There is a bookshelf, a bulletin board and other miscellaneous materials in the back.

A recent oral history project completed by iSchool’s Marina Mayumi de Souza for The Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC)  aims to bridge the gap and facilitate knowledge-sharing between emerging and established conservation professionals.

In December 2022, Marina, a second-year MAS (Master’s of Archival Studies) student, spoke at length with Tara Fraser, iSchool’s adjunct professor of preservation and Head Conservator at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In their interview, they discussed Tara’s unique personal and professional journey in the field, her advice for other emerging conservators, the evolution of the practice and more!

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