LIBR 559N (3) Text Analytics

Offered on an irregular basis


MAS students: Completion of the MAS Core courses, plus permission of the instructor.

MLIS and Dual students: Some electives can be taken in conjunction with the MLIS Core courses; consult with the MLIS Program Chair for recommendations.


The goals of this course are

  • To explore the nature of text as a data source for knowledge discovery
  • To demonstrate the types of information which can be extracted from text, and the applications in which it is used
  • To explore the techniques by which text is automatically processed
  • To examine the tools which support various types of text processing
  • To demonstrate the types of information which can be extracted from text


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Discuss the various ways in which text can be analyzed, and appropriate uses of these techniques
  • Design a project for textual analysis suitable for a specific domain
  • Use open source text analytic tools
  • Evaluate the potential of information visualization in support of textual analysis
  • Undertake a content analysis using standard software support.


  • Overview
  • Techniques and toolkits
  • Applications
    • Bibliometrics and Webometrics
    • Natural language processing
    • Text mining/analytics
    • Content analysis
    • Information visualization
    • Sentiment Analysis
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