LIBR 559L (3) Issues in Scholarly Communications and Publishing

Offered on an irregular basis


MAS students: Completion of the MAS Core courses, plus permission of the instructor.

MLIS and Dual students: Some electives can be taken in conjunction with the MLIS Core courses; consult with the MLIS Program Chair for recommendations.

GOAL: Scholarly communications are presently undergoing a transformation driven by the shift from the print to the electronic medium combined with the world wide web. This course will provide the student with a strong theoretical framework to understand the challenges, and leadership potential for librarians and archivists, in the new environment for scholarly communications.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • have a basic understanding of academic research and scholarly communications
  • understand the challenges and opportunities for libraries and academics made possible by electronics and the world wide web, including:
    • open access: library, researcher, and user perspectives
    • open source scholarship
    • open data
    • global research collaborations: small / ad hoc and large-scale
    • interdisciplinary research collaborations: potential roles for librarians and archivists
    • open collaboration (e.g. scholarly blogs and wikis)
    • e-science
    • peer review reform
    • open access archives
    • dark archives
    • library as publisher or publisher support
  • have a theoretical framework for understanding the implications of transformation in scholarly communications for library and archival collections and vice versa; for example, the need for preserving and making accessible scholarly blogs and research data in addition to traditionally published material


  • brief history of scholarly communications
  • the present of scholarly communications
  • the role of libraries and archives in scholarly communications
  • new possibilities for scholarly communications
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