LIBR 533 (3) Legal Information Sources and Services


MAS students: Completion of the MAS Core courses, plus permission of the instructor.

MLIS and Dual students: Some electives can be taken in conjunction with the MLIS Core courses; consult with the MLIS Program Chair for recommendations.


At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities which legal information professionals assume in various Canadian organizations
  • Describe the current trends in legal information services in Canada and elsewhere
  • Recognize the skills required to establish, operate, and manage responsibly a legal information service
  • Apply the principles for identifying, evaluating, selecting, and maintaining Canadian legal research tools, both print and electronic
  • Discuss the basic elements of the Canadian legal system
  • Describe and apply legal research and reference methods, and compare those methods to those used in general reference services


  • Basic skills with legislation and cases
  • Canadian, English and American legal resources
  • Online and other legal sources
  • Legal research methods
  • Legal reference services in the legal, academic and public library
  • Practical law librarianship; running the law library
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