LAIS 608 (3): Academic and Research Practices in Library Archival and Information Studies

GOAL: This course will give students the opportunity to prepare for future careers by applying their advanced subject knowledge in library, archival and information studies (LAIS) to real tasks in diverse work contexts, including academic, community-based and organizational. Students will gain a broader understanding of how research communities function and how academics contribute to society and the professional world, while also gaining skills that will enable them to make their own contributions.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the university as a social and cultural structure and its role in society
    • Articulate the role of research and publication in the university and in society in general
    • Establish personal and career goals with respect to the doctoral program
    • Participate in the scholarly peer review process
    • Participate in and critically assess public academic discourse
    • Create and maintain their own research profile
    • Collaborate with external stakeholders to conduct research
    • Manage a small research project from end to end
    • Communicate effectively in a range of written genres for diverse audiences


  • The structure of doctoral education and career opportunities
  • Research, higher education and the university
  • Academic freedom, ethics and the practice of research
  • The scholarly communication system
  • Peer review
  • Research visibility, impact and knowledge transfer
  • Research project management
  • Research data management
  • Collaboration and community engagement
  • Writing and communication in different styles and for different audiences
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