LAIS 607: Doctoral Proseminar

GOAL: This seminar course aims to provide doctoral and advanced master’s students with an orientation to current research and the academic disciplines in library, archival and information studies (LAIS). It familiarizes students with key schools of thought in the field, provides background on reference disciplines, examines significant research streams, and helps students begin developing their own areas of interest. The course is designed around three broad areas of focus within iSchools: people, information and technology and emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of LAIS.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Discuss major themes within the LAIS field, drawing upon knowledge of the key schools of thought and research streams
    • Critically assess the nature and role of research and publication in LAIS
    • Articulate the commonalities and differences among the LAIS disciplines
    • Understand how theory influences and is influenced by LAIS research
    • Independently select, critically assess and synthesize relevant research literature
    • Systematically manage bibliographic references and annotations
    • Run an effective seminar discussion
    • Prepare and present an academic talk


  • Major research areas and schools of thought (to be determined based on student interests)
  • Scholarly communication in LAIS: publications, conferences and associations
  • Conducting reviews of research literature
  • Bibliographic management
  • The role of theory in LAIS research
  • Multidisciplinarity
  • Critical assessment of research
  • Scholarly writing
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