ARST 570 (3) Management of Information Organizations [cross-listed with LIBR 504]

Cross-listed with LIBR 504


MAS and Dual Students [who want the ARST credits]: completion of the MAS core courses

MLIS students: Should take LIBR 504

GOAL: The goal of this course is to prepare professional librarians and archivists to work effectively within a larger organization and to assume managerial responsibilities within their unit.


  • Explain the nature and tasks of managers and leaders in information agencies.
  • Describe skills of group dynamics and processes.
  • Discuss the theory, principles, and practices of management in libraries and archives.


  • Internal factors including the classic functions of managers of planning and decision-making, organizing, staffing, controlling and evaluating
  • External factors such as the larger political context within which the library/archive operates.
  • Personal factors, such as preferred communication, management, and leadership styles, and their effect on individual and team performance.
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