ARST 500 (3) Information Technology and Archives


MAS and Dual students take this as part of the MAS Core.

Core courses in the MAS program can only be taken by students registered in the MAS program.

GOAL: This core course aims to provide knowledge of the role of technology in archival work, at the theoretical and pragmatic level. Through lectures, guest speaker presentations, educational visits and hands-on experience, students will gain insight into relevant technology-raised issues, and will learn what kind of technology is applied in archives. The knowledge acquired in this course complements the knowledge obtained in other required first and second-term courses, specifically, ARST 510-Archival Diplomatics, ARST 515-Arrangement and Description of Archival Documents, ARST 516-Management of Current Records, ARST 520-Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents, and ARST 587-Preservation, and it establishes a foundation for second-year elective courses, such as ARST 554-Database Design, and ARST 555-The Continuing Preservation of Electronic Records.


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the role of technology in archival work.
  • Differentiate among and evaluate the most commonly used types of applications in archival work.
  • Discuss and demonstrate understanding of the course topics listed below:


  • Technology and the Changing Landscape of Archival Work;
  • Archival Functions and Technology: Digital Preservation; Acquisition; Appraisal; Disposition; Accessioning; Arrangement and Description; Online Access; Databases;
  • Web and Database Design for Archival Users;
  • Reference Services; Everyday Practice in Archival Work;
  • Electronic Finding Aids;
  • Archival Trusted Digital Repositories and Certification;
  • Legislation and the Online Archival Environment;
  • Records Management and Technology.
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