ARST 500



MAS and Dual Students: completion of the MAS core courses

GOAL: This core course aims to provide knowledge of the role of technology in archival work, at the theoretical and pragmatic level. Through lectures, guest speaker presentations, educational visits and hands-on experience, students will gain insight into relevant technology-raised issues, and will learn what kind of technology is applied in archives. The knowledge acquired in this course complements the knowledge obtained in other required first and second-term courses, specifically, ARST 510-Archival Diplomatics, ARST 515-Arrangement and Description of Archival Documents, ARST 516-Management of Current Records, ARST 520-Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents, and ARST 587-Preservation, and it establishes a foundation for second-year elective courses, such as ARST 554-Database Design, and ARST 555-The Continuing Preservation of Electronic Records.


Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the role of technology in archival work.
  • Differentiate among and evaluate the most commonly used types of applications in archival work.
  • Discuss and demonstrate understanding of the course topics listed below:


  • Technology and the Changing Landscape of Archival Work;
  • Archival Functions and Technology: Digital Preservation; Acquisition; Appraisal; Disposition; Accessioning; Arrangement and Description; Online Access; Databases;
  • Web and Database Design for Archival Users;
  • Reference Services; Everyday Practice in Archival Work;
  • Electronic Finding Aids;
  • Archival Trusted Digital Repositories and Certification;
  • Legislation and the Online Archival Environment;
  • Records Management and Technology.