FNCC & Reciprocity: Student Sharing Circle

Wednesday, March 23
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Online (via Zoom)

How might we strengthen students’ FNCC experience?

The First Nations Curriculum Concentration (FNCC) & Reciprocity Research Team is looking for more FNCC students to attend the upcoming (and last) focus group set for Wednesday, March 23, at 12;00 pm. Over the past year, this team has hosted sharing circles with FNCC students and alumni to learn about the strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and potential for increasing reciprocity related to the FNCC.

They need your feedback to make changes to how the program works to benefit employers, students, and faculty that support the FNCC. If you are in the FNCC, please sign up to join us for the last student sharing circle on March 23. No matter how long you have been in the FNCC program, your ideas and suggestions are important for us to hear because your perspective is unique–no one but you sees things the way you do! We want to know where you see gaps, see areas to improve, or what suggestions you may have for new processes that can improve the FNCC for you.


Please complete this Qualtrics survey to attend
the FNCC student focus group on March 23


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