Apply for UBC iSchool Awards

Current and graduating students are invited to apply for the UBC iSchool awards from now until July 15, 2020. The list of awards is below, and it only includes awards where GPA is not the sole deciding factor. Please consult the awards page for details on the different awards and their eligibility requirements.


Zainab Jenny Kanji Memorial Award (All students)
Gene Joseph Aboriginal Scholarship
Ronald Job Children’s Literature Scholarship (MACL)
Margaret Burke Scholarship (MAS/MLIS/DUAL)
Samuel Rothstein Award (MLIS/MAS/DUAL)
Terry Eastwood SLAIS Award (MAS/DUAL)
Dorothy Blakey Smith Memorial Scholarship (MAS/DUAL)
Brock Family Award (MAS/DUAL)
Willard Ireland Prize (MAS/DUAL)
Harold Naugler Memorial Prize (MAS/DUAL)
Mary Ann Pylypchuk Memorial Prize (MAS/DUAL)
Friends of Richmond Archives Prize (MAS/DUAL)
Anna Ruth Leith Memorial Scholarship in Science and Health Information (MLIS/DUAL)
Lois M. Bewley Scholarship (MLIS/DUAL)
Amy Hutcherson Scholarships in Library Services for Children (MLIS/DUAL)
Margaret Ferguson Smith Memorial Scholarship (MLIS/DUAL)
Edythe Webster Scholarship in Library and Info Studies (MLIS/DUAL)
Stanley and Rose Arkley Memorial Prize (MLIS/DUAL)
Beverly Maureen Becker Memorial Prize (MLIS/DUAL)
C. William Fraser Prize (MLIS/DUAL)
Marian Harlow Prize in Librarianship (MLIS/DUAL)
Neal Harlow Prize (MLIS/DUAL)
Ken Haycock Award in Library and Informaton Studies (MLIS/DUAL)
Richard Hopkins Award (MLIS/DUAL)
Gordon New Memorial Prize (MLIS/DUAL


Note that ‘Graduating Awards‘ are for students who have finished or will finish their degree before August 2020 (including those who finished in December 2019 and April 2020). Students can submit an application letter and CV via the online form. Students can apply for more than one award using the same application form. Letters should be addressed to the Director.