3 responses to “UBC iSchool ranks first in the world for library and information management”

  1. Marwan afaneh

    Congratulation for the UBC I have tow daughter study at UBC Thanks to all staff and Dr at UBC

  2. Vivian Najjuka

    Wow, Praise Jesus to you all staff @ UBC.
    . I would also like to do my PhD information Science from UBC.
    I congratulate you upon this achievement.May God bless you and you always continue to be at the top.

    Vivian Najjuka – Uganda

  3. Kai Geddes

    The iSchool program is phenomenal and one I hope to succeed at this coming fall. Thank you to all of the staff and faculty members for making this program #1 in the world.

    Kai Geddes BA
    MLIS Candidate

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