iSchool Alums Annette DeFaveri and Sandra Singh named 2006 ‘Mover & Shaker’

Annette DeFaveri (MLIS ’02) and Sandra Singh (MLIS ’97) have each been named 2006 ‘Movers & Shakers’ by the American Library Association’s Library Journal magazine.

Annette DeFaveri is recognized for her contributions to social inclusion programs. One of her insights is that serving socially excluded communities begins with building relationships. “Don’t tell them what the library can do for them, she says. Ask them what they want from the library then build programs and services to respond to those needs,” says DeFaveri. She currently works as the National Coordinator, Working Together Project, Canada.

Sandra Singh is recognized for “Telling the Library’s Story.” As director of the eastern branches of Vancouver Public Library (VPL), Singh routinely uses library statistics but notes that real impact only appears in the stories people tell. Diana Guinn of Port Moody Public Library calls Singh a visionary with “the tenacity of a terrier about making her vision a reality.” And not just in BC – her vision of storytelling as a tool for library advocacy has spread throughout Canada.

Read more about this year’s Movers and Shakers by visiting the The American Library Association’s Library Journal Magazine website. 

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