Here you will find a complete list of courses offered at UBC School of Information, organized by program and subject area. Each title links to the individual course page where you will find more details about the course and requirements.


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ARST Courses
* Core Course † Required Course
ARST 500 (3) Information Technology and Archives
ARST 510 (3) Archival Diplomatics *
ARST 515 (3) Arrangement and Description of Archives *
ARST 516 (3) Management of Current Records *
ARST 517 (3) History of Record Keeping
ARST 520 (3) Selection and Acquisition of Archival Documents
ARST 530 (3) The History of the Canadian Administrative System
ARST 540 (3) Archival Public Services
ARST 545 (3) Advanced Arrangement and Description of Archival Documents
ARST 550 (3) Management of Audio-Visual and Non-Textual Archives
ARST 554 (3) Database Design [cross-listed with LIBR 554]
ARST 555 (3) The Preservation of Digital Records
ARST 556E (3) Records Systems in the Digital Environment [cross-listed with LIBR 514G]
ARST 556G (3) Archival Description Using Open Source Software
ARST 556H (3) Digital Diplomatics and Digital Records Forensics

ARST 556K (3) Research Data Management for Information Professional [cross-listed with LIBR 559S]

ARST 556L (3) Metadata [cross-listed with LIBR 514L]

ARST 556M (3) Digital Libraries [cross-listed with LIBR 581]
ARST 556P (3) Digital Images and Text Collections [cross-listed with LIBR 582]
ARST 560 (3) Records and Information Governance [cross-listed with LIBR 514H]
ARST 565 (3) Administering Records Under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation [cross-listed with LIBR 514J]
ARST 570 (3) Management of Information Organizations [cross-listed with LIBR 504]
ARST 573 (3) Archival Systems and the Profession *
ARST 575H (3) Information Visualization and Visual Analytics [cross-listed with LIBR 514F]
ARST 575J (3) IT Security, Information Assurance and Risk Management [cross-listed with LIBR 514K]

ARST 575K (3) Personal Archives [cross-listed with LIBR 539H]

ARST 575L (3) Archivography 

ARST 575M (3) Blockchain Technology for Information Professionals [cross-listed with LIBR 559T]

ARST 575R (3) Graduating Project [cross-listed with LIBR 569R]

ARST 580 (3) Records, Archives, and the Law

ARST 585 (3) Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives [cross-listed with LIBR 564]

ARST 587 (3) Preservation [cross-listed with LIBR 587]
ARST 591 (3) Archival Research and Scholarship
ARST 592 (3) Directed Research Project
ARST 593G(3) Seminar
ARST 594 (3) Directed Study
ARST 595 (3) Internship
ARST 596 (3) Professional Experience [cross-listed with LIBR 596]
ARST 599 (6) Thesis

LIBR Courses

* Core Course † Required Course

Foundations & Required Courses
Knowledge Representation & Organization
Information Behaviour, Materials, and Services for Children & Young Adults
Information Behaviour, Materials, and Services for Adults
Additional Information Behaviour, Materials, and Services Courses
Information Technology & Systems
Information & Society
Management of Information Organizations

LIBR 579 (1-13) Topics in the Management of Libraries and Archives

Text & Collections
Individual Study Courses

LAIS 605 (3) Advanced Seminar in Research Methods
LAIS 607 (3) Doctoral Proseminar
LAIS 608 (3) Academic and Research Practices in Library Archival and Information Studies

LAIS 609 (3-6) Advanced Seminar in Library, Archival and Information Studies:

LAIS 620 (6) Advanced Study in Major Area
LAIS 621 (6) Advanced Study in Minor Area
LAIS 699 (0) Doctoral Dissertation

MAS and MLIS Students:

  • Elective courses other than those designated ARST (for MAS students) and LIBR for (MLIS students) may be applied to the program, whether taken at UBC or another institution.
  • External courses may total no more than 12 of the 48 credits required for the MAS or MLIS degree.

Dual MAS/MLIS Students:

  • Elective courses other than those designated ARST and/or LIBR may be applied to the program, whether taken at UBC or another institution.
  • External courses may total no more than 9 of the 81 credits required for the Dual MAS/MLIS degree.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • All courses external to the degree program must be at the 300-level or above (or the equivalent at another institution).
  • A maximum of 6 credits at the undergraduate level in courses numbered 300 to 499 may be counted toward the requirements of a master's degree.
  • Students completing the First Nations Curriculum Concentration are allowed a maximum six (6) credits of approved First Nations coursework at the 300- or 400-level in their Master’s degree program.

Process to Apply for External Credit:

  • Permission to apply such a course for credit towards one's degree must be obtained from the iSchool Graduate Advisor before the student begins the course. The granting of permission will be based on the course's direct relevance to the student's work in their program. Students must complete the Application for External Credits Form.
  • Permission must also be obtained from the instructor of the course and the host department/institution. Some fees may apply for courses taken outside of the department and/or university. Students should consult directly with the hosting department/institution. UBC has exchange agreements with some post-secondary institutions through the Western Dean's Agreement, the Graduate Exchange Agreement, and the Go Global program.

Some courses are listed in the UBC Calendar with a choice of credit value. This permits the School to offer several different courses in the same area of specialization carrying the same course number. The form (3-9) indicates that courses within a specialization group number may be taken more than once for credit (with different content each time, as designated by different letters following the course number, and worth 3 credits each time). Within a specialization area, a letter differentiates the courses, e.g. 575A.

Courses at UBC iSchool are worth 3 credits.