LIBR 572 (3) Information Services Consulting


MLIS and Dual MAS/MLIS: completion of MLIS core; recommended co-requisite: 504

MAS: completion of MAS core and permission of the iSchool Graduate Advisor

GOAL: In keeping with the mission of the University of British Columbia and the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, the goal of this course is to enable students to create and operate an-information based career independent of a “traditional” library institution or setting.  More specifically, students will examine a range of career options for librarians in information-related work, evaluate the integral requirements within those options, and prepare a career plan which will enable them to successfully work in their selected option.  “Information-related” is a broadly based term used to cover conventional careers in unusual settings, unconventional careers in typical institutional settings, and related careers such as freelance librarianship practice.   Emphasis will be placed upon the individual in his/her own business.


Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • analyze the potential for entrepreneurial activity in the information economy;
  • describe the career options available to librarians in “non-traditional” work;
  • analyze the transferability of librarians’ skills into new or unusual job settings;
  • review and analyze the requirements for establishing and operating an information-based business;
  • evaluate and describe the factors required for the successful operation of an information-based business
  • assess the successful pursuit of atypical career options.
  • students will examine various options for pursuing careers in the information economy that have been previously considered “alternatives” to the conventional librarian’s careers. Through case studies, students will examine the transferability of skills and attributes.  Students will assess various information economy activities.  Students will describe processes for establishing and operating an information-based business.  Students will construct business plans, market plans and management plans to move from idea to action for an information based enterprise.


  • Competencies and Specialties
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Sources of employment
  • Marketing for information services
  • Business structures and working arrangements
  • Client relationships
  • Setting of fees and rates
  • Working Styles
  • Project Management
  • Ethical issues and liability matters for information entrepreneurs
  • Daily operational issues
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