LIBR 558 (3) Information Retrieval Systems: Structures and Algorithms


MLIS and Dual MAS/MLIS: completion of the MLIS core

MAS: completion of MAS core and permission of the iSchool Graduate Advisor

GOAL: To provide an introduction to the methods used in the storage and retrieval of textual, pictorial, graphic, and voice data.


Upon completion of this course students will:

  • understand the complexity of information retrieval ;
  • understand the functions of an information retrieval system;
  • be able to understand and measure the contribution of the components of an information retrieval system to its performance;
  • be able to isolate the factors which optimize the information retrieval process;
  • be aware of current issues in information retrieval, including search engines.


  • Documents and queries
  • Information retrieval models
  • Evaluating information retrieval systems
  • Implementing information retrieval systems
  • Improving effectiveness of information retrieval systems
  • Multimedia information retrieval systems
  • Information retrieval on the WWW
  • Users and information retrieval
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