LIBR 514H (3) Records and Information Governance [cross-listed with ARST 560]

Cross-listed with ARST 560


MLIS and DUAL students: Completion of the MLIS core courses and LIBR 516

GOAL: To explore present-day theoretical, methodological, and practical issues concerning the management of current records.


  • To provide an understanding of modern-day issues in the management of current records.
  • To develop an appreciation for political and organizational issues inherent in the practical application of records management theories and principles.
  • To consider the role of records management in the broader realm of organizational management and change.
  • To examine the relationship between the management of records and the management and production of information and knowledge.
  • To consider the changing role of records management in organizations, governments, and society.


  • Different sociopolitical and organizational contexts for current records management
  • Risk management and compliance in record keeping
  • Business process/systems analysis and restructuring
  • Developing a business case for records management
  • The relationship between records management and information/knowledge management
  • The role of records management for organizational accountability and transparency
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