Pixellating project showcase: interrogating the archive

Pixellating is a monthly Digital Humanities (DH) mixer. It is an opportunity for DH scholars and students from across campus to meet colleagues, talk tools, brainstorm ideas and network with others who use digital tools to explore and visualize their research. This month we will be featuring a project showcase with time for a Q&A afterward.

This project showcase will explore the role that both archives and archivists play in contributing to a documentary. Specifically, during the summer of 2020, Laura served as an archival researcher on the Knowledge Network’s four-part documentary series titled British Columbia—A History, set to premiere in January 2021 to coincide with British Columbia’s sesquicentennial of confederation. The objective of the documentary is to shed light on the marginalized narratives of British Columbia’s history, highlighting narratives that have been systemically and deliberately left out of the typical provincial narrative. This showcase will explore what happens when archivists are tasked with finding marginalized voices in the archive in extenuating circumstances. Laura will discuss what this means in the context of a documentary film, and explore what it means to construct “an archive of the oppressed,” and to work around silence in the archives. Laura will use two case studies to highlight these intricacies in unique ways.


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