2020 BCALS Annual Winter Event

This year’s Winter Event will focus on combating racism and addressing racial issues in academic libraries. In June 2020, BCALS released a Statement and Call to Action in response to the ongoing police violence and racial injustices against BIPOC not only within the United States but Canada and across the world.

These issues of racial injustice extend to the library and information profession within Canada. We acknowledge that academic libraries and post-secondary institutions, including those in Canada, are embedded and complicit in the ideologies, structures, and actions of white supremacy and settler colonialism. As an initial step in addressing these injustices, we invite you to explore the topic with us alongside a panel of experienced library and information professionals. We seek to identify areas where we as individuals, institutions, and the field can grow and elevate practices to support our BIPOC colleagues and communities.

The registration deadline is Monday, November 23, 2020.