ARST 575R (3) Graduating Project [cross-listed with LIBR 569R]

Cross-listed with LIBR 569R


MAS, MLIS and Dual: Completion of 24- or 36-credits, including the MAS/MLIS Core.

Students should be in the final or penultimate term of their studies at UBC iSchool.


  • To afford students the opportunity to collaborate with peers, professors, and industry or community partners on a real-life issue or challenge;
  • To help students synthesize and reflect upon the competencies they have gained during their degree programs and become reflective practitioners;
  • To demonstrate to students the transferability of their skills across different media and institutions;
  • To produce a meaningful, tangible product that represents a culmination of students’ skills and knowledge;
  • To apply project management skills in a real-life setting;
  • To develop an independent spirit and the critical learning skills to prepare them to be life-long learners in their careers; and
  • To give students confidence as they move into the professions and facilitate their socialization into the professions.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply foundational knowledge of library, archival and information studies to address a real-world issue in a community-based organization [1.1, 1.2; 1.3]*
  • Develop and implement an effective communication plan with teammates and community stakeholders to convey goals, objectives, and milestones [2.2]*
  • Generate a tangible project outcome (e.g., policy, report, technology) that meets satisfies the goals and objectives of the project and the needs of the community-based organization [2.1]*
  • Develop a work plan in consultation with the community partner that outlines goals, objectives, and deliverables [3.1, 3.2]*
  • Recognize and draw upon the strengths of team members to increase project efficiencies and best support the needs of the community-based organization [3.1]*
  • Support project-based work with appropriate methods and theoretical frameworks, conducting additional research on particular issues as required for the project [4.1, 4.2]*
  • Exemplify the values and ethics of the library, archival and information science professions in interactions with the community-based organization [5.1, 5.2]*
  • Reflect on your knowledge and skills as you prepare to graduate from your program of study and on what it means to be an emerging professional in the broader societal context [5.1]*

* Course objectives are stated in terms of student learning outcomes and reference the iSchool Statement on Graduate Competencies.


  • Project management;
  • Working with stakeholders;
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner;

Other topics to be determined by students’ projects.

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