Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: To promote a thriving, responsive and diverse iSchool community.

  • Reinforce the reputation and identity of the iSchool to external partners and the broader community.
  • Continue to strengthen alliances within the Faculty of Arts and the University that increase the campus-wide visibility of the iSchool.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive recruiting plan to encourage and support high-quality applicants, especially those from under-represented communities.
  • Develop an equity and diversity statement and associated action plan that reflects iSchool values and goals.


Goal 2: To foster educational experiences that enable our graduates to advance their fields of knowledge and practice.

  • Offer complementary curricula that are aligned with the iSchool Graduate Competencies and responsive to the needs of the associated professional communities and potential employers (MLIS/MAS).
  • Continue to strengthen and support pathways and concentrations that enable students to specialize in areas of interest and prepare for a broad range of careers.
  • Foster an intellectual milieu that stimulates a positive commitment towards the professions, scholarship, and life-long learning (MLIS/MAS).
  • Expand commitments to undergraduate education to increase the impact and visibility of the iSchool and support recruitment to its graduate programs.
  • Sustain reliable processes of community input, assessment and planning at course, program and school-wide levels, including implementation of a program-level capstone assessment.
  • Increase the level and quality of technology-enhanced learning and strengthen student outcomes relating to technology use.
  • Provide clear teaching expectations and development opportunities for adjunct faculty.


Goal 3: To conduct innovative and meaningful research that informs practice, extends theory and addresses challenges of societal importance.

  • Nurture a culture of inquiry within the school, both informally and formally, through ongoing commitment to research-focused activities for graduate students and faculty.
  • Sustain societally relevant research agendas leading to scholarly publication and knowledge exchange.
  • Increase the level of support for faculty to establish research groups and partnerships and to acquire external research funding.
  • Increase public exposure to iSchool research through communication and social media channels.


Goal 4: To build and sustain reciprocal and meaningful external relationships.

  • Establish and sustain an iSchool Advisory Board.
  • Maintain ties with library, archival and information-based associations in British Columbia, Canada, and internationally.
  • Reinforce core values of reciprocity, social responsibility, and professional ethics in teaching, research and service commitments.
  • Encourage student engagement in scholarly and professional communities.
  • Provide leadership in cross-campus research initiatives and collaborations.
  • Initiate and develop collaborations with international academic institutions.



Revised and approved by a vote of the faculty on September 28, 2018