Congratulations to the 2020 UBC iSchool Student Awards Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s UBC iSchool Student Awards!

This year, the School of Information awarded more than 30 distinct prizes and scholarships to continuing and graduating Master students. In order to follow provincial health guidelines, the School decided not to host our traditional Annual Awards Gala. With this announcement, we want to recognize all this year’s winners and express our warmest congratulations to all of them!

We want to have a special mention for iSchool adjunct professor Dr. Kathryn Shoemaker, the 2020 recipient of the Mary Sue Stephenson Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. The award recognizes the adjunct instructor who received the highest and most positive student evaluations for a course taught in the preceding academic year. This distinction acknowledges the impact of adjunct professors on the community and was given to Kathie based on her glowing student evaluations this past year.

We are grateful to all the individual donors and organizations who make these awards possible to support our students and their achievements every year. Their generosity and positive impact are much appreciated, especially during these challenging times.

Congratulations to all of the award winners!


2020 UBC iSchool Student Award Winners


Amy Hutcheson Scholarships in Library Services for Children – Xaanja Free and Maiya Letourneau
Anna Ruth Leith Memorial Scholarship in Science and Health Information – Amanda Griffit
Anna Ruth Leith Memorial SLAIS Scholarship – Jessica Wilkin
Dorothy Blakey Smith Memorial Scholarship – Winner prefers not to share their name publicly
Edythe Webster Scholarship in Library and Information Studies – Neah Ingram-Monteiro
James Fraser Memorial Prize – Mya Ballin
Margaret Ferguson Smith Memorial Scholarship – Lian Furlong
Ronald Jobe Children’s Literature Scholarship – Jieun Lee and Logaine Navascues
Terry Eastwood SLAIS Award – Mya Ballin
UBC AIS Alumni Lois M. Bewley Scholarship – Shelby Deglan
UBC AIS Margaret Burke Scholarship – Winner prefers not to share their name publicly
Zainab Jenny Kanji Memorial Award – Clara Giménez-Delgado
Gene Joseph First Nations Scholarship – Felicity Collins



AABC Mary Ann Pylypchuk Memorial Prize – Emily Larson
Beverley Maureen Becker Memorial Prize – Sharlene Prasad
Brock Family Award – Murray Schellenberg
C. William Fraser Prize – Prubjot Gill
Friends Richmond Archives Prize – Faythe Lou
Gordon New Memorial Prize – Chantal Lyons-Stevenson
Harold Naugler Memorial Prize – Emily Larson
Judith Saltman Prize – Elizabeth Leung
Ken Haycock Award in Library and Information Studies – Victoria Gomez
Master of Arts in Children’s Literature Top Graduate Student Award – Kevin Sun
Neal Harlow Prize – Chantal Lyons-Stevenson
Richard Hopkins Award – Mandi Ray
Roy Stokes Medal in Archival Studies – Murray Schellenberg
Ruth Cameron Medal for Librarianship – Emily Larson
Samuel Rothstein Award (50th Anniversary) – Chantal Lyons-Stevenson
Stanley and Rose Arkley Memorial Prize – Daycia McDill
Willard Ireland Prize –Mandi Ray


Mary Sue Stephenson Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching – Dr. Kathryn Shoemaker

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