UBC School of Information Statement of Support for Scholar Strike Canada

On September 9th and 10th, a scholar strike for racial justice in Canada will take place. The event follows a call from Professor Anthea Butler for a scholar strike to mirror the strikes by WNBA and NBA players to protest systemic racism, and to combat anti-Black racism and police brutality. Scholar Strike Canada has a range of suggestions how academics can act in support of the initiative:

  • Attending public events (more here);
  • Making space in online classes for a discussion around how to contribute towards building racial justice;
  • Sharing materials on how to address these topics in our different courses;
  • Taking time to reflect on these questions.

UBC School of Information supports Scholar Strike Canada. We have asked our instructors to consider the ways that they might best contribute, in as much as they are able to engage. All iSchool students are invited to join the school in making the best possible use of these two days for critical reflection, inside and outside the classroom, and participate in organised activities.

Erik Kwakkel


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Photo credit: scholarstrikecanada.ca

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